Some little things lockdown has helped me realise.

Maybe natural catastrophes happen to help us appreciate what we all have in common. Even when viruses, markets and consumer confidence all say no, clients still say yes. Thank you, I love you. When economies slow down, bank transfer systems don’t. Cheers, all of you, even more. When shares plummet, the value of thanks goes the other way. Boredom is probably a bigger killer than a virus, but easier to prevent. And even viruses can’t stop leaves unfurling, shopkeepers smiling or trees bursting into pink and yellow. Old ads are still great ads. Thankfully, the phone rings less each day. But by seven in the evening, I beg it to. Time eats away at many things, but not belief, Beethoven or John Lennon’s “Blackbird”. Even after 90 plays in three months. Good briefs cure lonely days, but only tunes can fix nights. Beetroot soup tastes great on day one, better on day two and something hideous on day 3. So, what’s lockdown done for you?


  1. Hey Andrew, lovely thoughts, as usual. What’s Lockdown done for me? Well, I’m living the Hotel California dream (nightmare?). Yes, sunshine, pink champers on ice, general Docklands decadence – but I’m ready to check out. I crave normality. The cycle ride to work. The separation between home and work. Not to mention the squash games. I need to see a dentist. I want to see my beaux parents. In short, je voudrais être déconfiné. And I haven’t forgotten we need to get together over a claret. Stay well, as they say x


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