Hello, and thanks for visiting. I’m honoured.

A little about me. I’m a freelance anglophone copywriter based in Italy. With me come 28 years of experience in the form of ads, strategies, thought starters, content, posts, brand platforms, manifestos and copy.

Some of those have won prizes in Cannes, Paris and New York, but more importantly I still adore writing them. More than ever. Talent might get you work, but only love makes it shine.

As well as being a creative writer, I’m a strategic one. A robust brand is founded on one unique, singular thought. From that, I generate key assets like a definitive positioning, a manifesto, brand platform, signature and tone of voice. They are the only roots from which a brand can grow and thrive, yet remain unassailable to any competitor who tries to bring it down. Brands are like trees. Only when the base is strong will the blossom ever bear fruit. Let me help you get there.

Similarly, I offer copywriting and brand strategy workshops to agencies and clients. Find out a little more, or simply ask me.

I’m also lucky to have a genius editor, Eric Adelheim of Defocus Films. We’ve made about 25 brand films together and can read each other’s heads. Take a look at his page.

Meanwhile, if you’ve seen “Moving Your Way” on a Europcar van, “Just us. At last” at Center Parcs, “Playtime, Anytime” in a Golden Tulip hotel, “Connect. Enjoy. Just Be” on an MSC cruise or even played at Illucity, the first ever virtual reality theme park, you’ve already seen what I do. If you’re planning to go to the Paris Olympics, remember I wrote the film that won the pitch. There’s more on my Work page, too.

To find out what colleagues and clients think about about me, take a peek here. Better still, get in touch. I’d be honoured again.

Thanks so much,

Andrew Jolliffe