Hidden Heroes, Two.


A clear mind takes a clear life.


Clear of the empty carcasses of the stuff of life. Its sustenance, maintenance, fancies, fripperies and last-minute wants.


Clear of spent boxes, empty tubes. Empty skins, weeks ago crafted by nature and for now we longer care. The cast-away, empty-bellied mothers of meals. The cheese-turned-something the fridge holds and the memory no longer does. The packet that just yesterday satisfied one last plain chocolate, caramel-filled morsel of desire.


Clear of the death that blots the sparkle of living. The dust, the fluff, the withered nail, the layers of cells that once were.


Clear of nagging letters, memos, red reminders, memories of errors, agonies, responsibilities and old loves standing in the way of fresh thoughts.


Clear of the nagging thought that what we create often just creates more to clear.


And clear of that pang of guilt that, even after clearing our lives of inconvenience, we still need to clear out every day.


Thank you, bin men, for stepping out, braving the miasma and the elements, and clearing it.


Clearing our head-space to try and clear the world of even bigger things.

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