First, stand still and listen. No, it’s not squeaky brakes you hear outside. It’s the first sparrows of spring. Walk past an apartment block, look up at a second-floor window and shout I love you. If you’re a loudmouth, try the fourth. For the first time, nobody will think you’re weird. Look up at the sky, and love that it’s not streaked with vapour-trails like track-and-change on copy. Look at leaves swinging to a beat. Someone, somewhere, is making music. Buy three croissants, one for your morale, one for the lady at the till and one the guy in the blanket. Ring a client, any client at random and ask how the hell they are. How are the kids. Or the spaniels. Not where the hell’s my cheque. We all love surprises and we’re all in this. Call someone who was in your life and tell them they still are. The cousin in Minsk. The fell-walking godfather. The English teacher who gave you a way of making a living. The first CD who gave you a chair, a table, a brief and a roasting. The lover who nearly was. Or was just once. Add ten more headlines to the ones you’re just about to send. They’re called cherries on cakes. Ones you can’t just buy. Remember that news is just news. Work like the devil. After all, we’re all a bit closer to hell. Applaud the hospital teams till your arms ache. Theirs do. Then, when the day’s done, pour yourself a glass and make a list of things to do tomorrow.


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