Starts for start-ups


Starting in 2019, I will be offering some of my time to new agency start-ups, at half my normal rate.


It makes a load of sense.


To begin, start-ups are freelancers’ future big clients. The future of this game we all love is largely in their hands.


Starting up is hard. Bastard hard. In France, social charges hit you before clients do. Renting workspace is like bribing a king. Hiring talent? Like buying the crown jewels.


All the reason to offer start-ups my quarter-century of experience, without them having to work as long to buy it.


So, here’s the deal.


Every month, I’ll offer three days of my time, at half my usual rate, to an agency of two years or younger.


First come, first served. If I’m free and if I feel I can genuinely make a difference to your project, my time is yours. If not, good luck next time. Simple.


Looking forward to it.








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