I charge by the day.


I have a daily flat freelance rate for everybody, whether they’re new or regular. It doesn’t include travel, accommodation or expenses incurred outside Paris. My payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. Simple.


But when I can, I offer preferential rates for start-ups.


It makes a lot of sense. After start-ups are freelancers’ future big clients. The future of this industry we all love is largely in their hands.

And starting up is hard. In France, social charges hit you before clients do. Renting workspace is like bribing a king. Hiring talent? Like buying the crown jewels.

So every month, I offer three days of my time, at half my usual rate, to an agency of two years or younger. First come, first served.


You have my undivided attention.


You don’t pay me to take calls from other clients, chat with friends, go on Facebook or book restaurants.  Hire me for a period, and nobody else will encroach on it.


I’ll do my utmost to help you succeed.


When I work for you, I don’t sit in a corner and work in a bubble. I integrate. I make suggestions. I leap in, comment, shout and misbehave as if I was on your staff.  I am, in a way. If I think any of my experience will be useful to you, I’ll say. Pick my brains. Quiz me. Shout me down. Corner me and ask for a tip. I’m all yours.


I don’t do “free tests”.


I never work for nothing. Would you? I’ve heard countless stories. “We’ll pay you if we win the pitch” is a well-tried one. Fine, but what if you have no control over how the pitch is pitched? Monkey simple. If you don’t trust me or my skills, I might not be for you.


That said, I’m happy just to talk. 


I’m more than willing to discuss projects in advance, even if they’re just prospects. Even if they never materialise. I love building relationships. They always lead to something good.  So feel free to contact me at any time.