When learning my craft at Ogilvy London in the 1990’s, it was full of generous people. They offered me even more wisdom, hints and hot tips than beers, which for advertising folk is really something.


I’m grateful to this day. Agencies are infernos. You can work like a dog, but learn nothing. It’s why I don’t just sit on my butt and write. I offer keen and eager writers something of what I’ve learned. Call it giving back what I was given.


Some things, I can’t teach. Like how to write perfect copy, the richest content, the ultimate e-learning module or the most famous headline. No. They don’t exist. The brand, tonality, target and task come first. There are more than stars in the sky.


But two days with me makes for an open-minded, original, cliché-free, experimental, emotional, free-willed, daring, colourful writer. Using words that lodge in heads, not end up in the trash.


So here we go.



Two days of inspiration for copywriters, agencies and yes, clients.





A presentation. What inspires inspiring writing, where emotions, phrases and words can come from. How choice words form the foundations for a brand, and how they manifest themselves in the key elements that support it.


A workshop. We set up a brand from just a few key insights, and choose the words to articulate the big thought behind it.




A taking further. We turn the brand’s thought into the key elements that make it live.  A manifesto, a signature, a tonality. As a group, we work together and discuss as we go. I’ll be hard on you. A devil and a father figure in one.


A refinement. We take what we feel is the best we’ve created, and craft it till it shines.


A critique. An opportunity to show me a brand strategy, or just a piece of copywriting you admire, and talk about it till as late as you like.


The two days are entirely in English, and held anywhere in the world. Contact me for a quote, and we’ll go from there.