Video editors Eric and Patricia Adelheim started Defocus Films in 2009 and have set a benchmark here in France. For good reason. They’ve won advertising, filmmaking and multimedia awards. Their direct clients include Nestlé, Banette and Chanel. They participate in art and video projects. Their interests span directing, montage, fine art, still photography, reportage and beyond.


And in turn, those interests contribute to their editing. Like the way reading and listening nourish my copywriting. By experience, not mere instruction.



Their attention to detail is impeccable. Their timing and delivery, beyond words. But moreover, Eric and I read each other’s minds. He sees my words as visual cues, his images spur me to write on. Teamwork personified.


Ask Defocus to assemble a brand film and you will build a brand.


Hire me to write the film, too, better still.