Brand Positioning in Ten Words.




Here’s how. First, send your graphic designers to Greece for a week. Or the Orkneys. Vegas. Rome. Colorado Springs. Fleshpots. Burning Man. The Forest of Dean. Galapagos. Tomatina. Roquefort. Champagne, Illinois. Anywhere. Put the Pantone charts in the drawer with the corkscrew, old award show passes, peanuts, vitamin B6, lip balm, gym card and the letter from the ex. Calibrate the Macs. About time. All in good time.


Send the juniors to Cannes. You should anyway. Send the seniors to the gym. Or the bar. In Greenland. Send your manifesto writer to a dermatologist. Or the ologist of his choice. Tell the logo designer to redesign his stubble.  No rush. Tell the data people to get their hair cut. Twice. Or better still, just tell everyone to go and feed the homeless for a week.


Now pace the room and just write down, in ten words or less, the one, one, single thing the brand offers the world that no other brand ever, ever could. It’s the only thing that really counts. Take your time. Then when you’re done, stick it to the wall, get everyone back, say hello, here’s the brief, and thanks very much for waiting.


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